Friday, January 9, 2009

Foreign Investment in Iraq Kurdistan

Investment board in Kurdistan Regional Govt. announced that foreign investmnet in the region was 16 Bn USD for 2008, half of them from Arabian gulf countries.

Companies like DAMAC, Dana Gas, Crescent Petroleum, Coca-Cola, any many others are now establishing their activities in the region.

Diesel generator power cost in Iraq

Becuase of power shortage in Iraq, private medium size diesel gensets are now used to supply houses and shops with power.

you can see in almost every district in Iraq cities those genrators, their capacities varies from 100 to 1000 KVA, around these genstes you are able to see bunchs of power cables connecting to houses and shops.

power supplied in amperes (unit measurement of electricity current), one ampere may cost you about 7.5 USD per month, its availabe for about 8 hours per day.

a simple calcualtion can shows that 1 KWHR can cost 14 US Cent (see the above image).